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Lighting of outdoor areas including streets, roadways, parking lots, and pedestrian areas is currently dominated by metal halide (MH) and high-pressure sodium (HPS) sources. While these relatively energy-efficient light sources have been in use for many years and have well-defined performance characteristics, r
ecent advances in LED technology have resulted in a new option for outdoor area lighting, with several potential advantages over MH and HPS sources.


Well-designed LED outdoor luminaries can provide required surface luminance with improved uniformity while using less energy than HID sources while boasting significantly longer life (50,000 or more hours, compared to 15,000 to 35,000 hours) and better lumen maintenance.

A comparison of HPS, MH and LED street lights can be found here:


Other LED advantages include:

·         LED lights contain no mercury, lead, or other known disposal hazards

·         LED lights come on instantly without run-up time or re-strike delay

·         LED technology is improving rapidly in terms of luminous efficacy, color quality, optical design, thermal management, and cost.




Flood/Parking Lot Light Fixtures


The TLA series of Flood/Parking Lot light fixtures feature a patented structural design to ensure optimal heat sync cooling. Detailed specification sheets for select products are available by clicking the individual product.







 TLA-30  TLA30  2 HP 2,500 30 83
TLA-50 TLA50   4 HP  3,600 46 78
 TLA-75  TLA75  6 HP 5,400 72 75
 TLA-100  TLA100 8 HP 7,200 92 78
 TLA-150  TLA150  12 HP 10,800 145 74




The TLF series of Flood/Parking Lot light fixtures feature single or double arrays of high power LEDs to provide a very efficient outdoor lighting source. A specification sheet for this product line is available by clicking here.







TLF-20 TLF20  1 HP Array 1,800 18 103
TLF-30 1 HP Array 2,700 26 104
TLF-50 1 HP Array 4,500 43 105
TLF-60  TLF60 1 HP Array 5,400 51 106
TLF-80 1 HP Array 7,200 68 106
TLF-100 1 HP Array 9,000 87 103
TLF-160 TLF160 2 HP Array 14,400 138 104
TLF-200 2 HP Array 18,000 173 104






Energy / Labor

LED lighting offers you many benefits including dramatic energy and labor savings. Receive an estimate of these savings with our Energy/Labor Savings Calculator.

Why LED ...

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) reports that*

(LED) products made for the commercial sector last at least 25 times longer than incandescent lighting, and at least 3.5 times longer than typical fluorescent lighting, including CFL bulbs. (See GSSI suggested LED Replacements for CFL bulbs here.)

(LED lighting's) durability ensures consistent performance and rare breakage.

LEDs produce far less heat than incandescents. This reduces air conditioning needs.

* 2008 Partner Resource Guide 

These are but a few of the reasons the time is right for you to consider solid state LED lighting. To learn more contact us or call (800) 366-8884 today.

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