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Replacement Bulbs (con't)


CFL Bulb Replacements 

LED replacements for CFL bulbs are available in a variety of screw-in and plug-in bases. A specification sheet for this product line is available by clicking here.







 360 degree LED 'Corn' Lights

YC-4W YC4W  64 350 4 88
YC-5W YC5W  84 460 5 92
YC-6W YC6W  108 595 6 99
YC-7W YC7W  124 680 7 97
YC-8W YC8W  144 790 8 99
YC-9W YC9W 156 860 9 96

 135 degree Directional LED Lights

YS-N4W YS4NW  68 375   4  94
 YS-N5W YS5NW  76 420  5  84
 YS-N6W YSN6W  84 460  6  77


GSSI replacement bulbs are available in a variety of base, globe and color configurations.

 Bases  Globes
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Energy / Labor

LED lighting offers you many benefits including dramatic energy and labor savings. Receive an estimate of these savings with our Energy/Labor Savings Calculator.

Why LED ...

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) reports that*

(LED) products made for the commercial sector last at least 25 times longer than incandescent lighting, and at least 3.5 times longer than typical fluorescent lighting, including CFL bulbs. (See GSSI suggested LED Replacements for CFL bulbs here.)

(LED lighting's) durability ensures consistent performance and rare breakage.

LEDs produce far less heat than incandescents. This reduces air conditioning needs.

* 2008 Partner Resource Guide 

These are but a few of the reasons the time is right for you to consider solid state LED lighting. To learn more contact us or call (800) 366-8884 today.

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